corporate gift malaysia : Interview with founder who supplies corporate gifts, premium gifts in Malaysia market

10 Quick Questions for in the Business of Supplying Premium Door Gifts & Corporate Gift Malaysia

In this interview, I’m going to have a deep story in the business of supplying Corporate Gifts in Malaysia. And I have the opportunity to have a quick interview with the Founder of to share his story on how he has the idea to start his own business in supplying Corporate Gifts in Malaysia. is a Corporate and Premium Gifts Supplier and Wholesaler in Malaysia and founded by 3 enthusiastic youngsters, who have an interest career in the Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products. They believe it can be a budget tool of advertising for any kind of industry, compared than a TV commercial and billboard advertising.

They offer selection of over 1000 products for you to choose, such as :

Bags & Backpack | Drinkwares | Electronic Gadgets | USB Pen Drive | Non Woven Bag | Power Bank | Diary, Organizer & Notebooks | Name Card Holder | Stationery | Towel | Umbrella | Car Sunshade | Passport Holder | Travel Gifts set | Gift Packaging Box | Manicure Set | Lunch Box | Eco Friendly Products | Metal Pen & Plastic Pen

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Question :

1. Hi Ray! Now Firstly, what services and products do you sell and offer?
Hi, we are one of the leading Corporate Gifts Supplier in Malaysia. We sell and supply corporate and premium gifts with logo printing services to business companies, events, conferences, roadshow, and any other event, for them to create their own brand and promote to their target audiences. And, the most popular item is Pens, PP Hand Fan, Diary, Organizer and more!

2.How you get the idea or concept of doing your business in this field?
Actually, I was a multimedia student, but I’ve started my career and work as a sales representative. And later I decided to start up my own business. I’ve been working in this field for more than 8 years before I started this business in supplying corporate gifts. Then I’ve met 2 of my partners, we have discussed a lot of how to form our own business and we decided to start our own business as in the year of 2015. And later now, we have around 10 people of staff to work together as a team.

3.Any goals that your company is aiming?
We aiming to be the largest stockist and manufacture of  Corporate Gift Malaysia & Premium Door Gifts Supplier. But most importantly, is to provide the best service to our customer and become the leading Corporate Gift Supplier Malaysia.

4.What made you choose this type of industry?
There is an endless market for Corporate and Premium Gifts, and everyone will try to search on the internet for something. And I thought we can get customers and order from the internet, where people able to find us easily when they just type on the search bar. So, I was trying to work out our webpage and let our customers find us.
Since I’ve interested in developing and designing a webpage and also having the experience of being a premium gifts consultant. Then, I came out the idea of why not doing both stuff that I like together and propose my idea to my partners.

5.What’s your plan for growing your business?
Continue being the one-stop corporate gifts supplier that provides full service from product sourcing, logo printing service to goods delivery. Trying to provide corporate gifts to our customers to express and cut-off the waiting time. Furthermore, to create more company image awareness and about Corporate Gifts in Malaysia, then let more people know about the presence of our company.

6.How do you get your first sale?
At first, we do go for outdoor sales. Visiting and sending a promotional e-mail to some of our potential customers. And later we get our first sales after we are meeting our customer through outdoor sales. Then later, I’m trying to do self-study and do get help experts to help me on building my website and get it to Google, trying on the keywords and SEO technique. In addition, we also have advertised via Google, Facebook, and Instagram in order to get more sales and more people to know us through the internet.

7.So, do you work locally or nationally?
Yes, we do. We mostly work closely with China for product sourcing and custom-made products. Other than China, we also look for the product locally in Malaysia, which able to save more than compare to China where we had to wait for the goods to reach to us around a month time. For the export part, we mostly target the local customer. We do provide goods and service for the international customer, but they have to arrange their courier service to pick up the goods from us.

8.Do you experience any bad issues or problem while dealing with your customer? What had you learned or trying to fix the problem?
Sometimes some minor failure will become the major one. Examples like facing a little mistake on design and artwork, the batch of the products had been printed with the error artwork and we had to find ways to fix it. Other than that, miscommunication with a customer will lead to the product that we had supplied will be rejected and back to us.
In all this case, of cause, we will be some losing money, and we need to cover-up or make a whole new product to our customer. To avoid all these problems, we try hard to train ourselves to become more professional, double check every artwork, and make sure there were a black and white is sign by our customer. So that we can avoid all these problems.

9.Do you encounter stress in this Corporate Gifts industry? And how do you manage it?
I believe that everyone on this earth will have stress on doing something. Of cause, businessman like us also will encounter stress while doing business. Mostly we will take some break time and having some chill games time with all the workers, even can build relationships between our workers.

10.What have you learned in overall from starting up your business until now?
Firstly, I’ve learned more about the steps and how to start a corporate gifts business in Malaysia. Knowing more about this field and do research on how other competitors in Malaysia and overseas country on how they operated their corporate gifts company. In addition, startup and working up a webpage is quite challenging, and I’ve learned more about creating a webpage, internet & Social Media marketing, SEO then later advertising on Google and Facebook. Trying to let our company and business reach out to our target audience.

11.Any comment to add-on for a conclusion?
In all these years, it does have ups and downs. We do appreciate every single staff and individual who have helps us and being the part of us for all these years. Hope we will continue to work together and hit to the top of Corporate Gifts. Thanks to everyone to had contributed and trusted us.

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