: Interview with founder who selling rebuild and used truck in Malaysia Market

10 Quick Questions for in the Business of Rebuild & Used Trucks In Malaysia

In this interview, I’m going to have a deep story in the business of rebuild/used trucks in Malaysia. And I have the opportunity to have a quick interview with the Founder of PH Truck to share his story on how he has the idea to start his own business in Selling Rebuild & Used Trucks in Malaysia. is a Best Rebuild & Used Trucks Seller in Malaysia and founded by Mr.Chang, who interested in the Trucks and Lorry industry. They believe this industry have a good prospects.

Question :

1.Hi Mr.Chang, can you tell us about yourself.
Sure! My name is Chang Thian Poh, u can call me Poh and I am 50 years old. I was born in a small town call Triang in Pahang, Malaysia. After I finished my primary and secondary school there, I started to work as a foreman in truck factory which run by my uncle. Then, I decided to move from my hometown myself to capital of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur and I began my career.

2.May I know what services and products do you provide?
So, we are one of the leading Rebuild and Used Trucks Seller Company in Malaysia. We collect damage/used truck and rebuild it with great craftsmanship. After that we sell it to business companies, individual, logistic companies and so on.

3.How did you get the background and skills necessary to run this type of business?
After I finished my primary and secondary school there, I become a young man who has no idea about my future like every youngster now. So, my mother recommended me to work as a foreman in my uncle’s factory. In the beginning, I mainly repaired trucks and doing truck parts trading. In the course of these years, I was interested in this industry, and then when I was 27 years old, I chose to come to Kuala Lumpur alone to develop my career. And this is how I began my business until today.

4.So, do you work locally or nationally?
Well, we actually did both locally and oversea business. In order to get better truck quality, I often go oversea such as Japan, Hong Kong, China and Vietnam to source different type of trucks. In addition, I have also expanded my market and personal relationships so that I have more confident in my business.

5.Any mission or goals that your company is aiming?
Our goal is to become a trusted and reliable Rebuild and Used Trucks Seller in Malaysia. Beside of that, our foreman rebuild skill and sales service become better. Most importantly, so as to be worthy of our valued customers.

6.What’s your idea for scaling up your business?
That’s a good question. It is now in the digital age and there is a lot of discrepancy than the traditional business in the past. For our business, we have also spent a lot of time to catch up with the progress of this era. Apart from offline business, we have also developed online promotion in facebook, website and others online platform. These ways have also greatly increased our business volume compared to the past.

7.How do the social media, technological, impact your business?
To be honest, social media has undeniably affected my business. No matter in our management, sales or marketing part. Our sales has also been reduced because of the internet. For our traditional industry, the Internet is definitely a very new thing. By the way, we also made good use of the Internet to create our new sales during this period. Through social media, our products are getting more and more exposed, which also allows our customers to understand us faster. In summary, the Internet has more advantages than disadvantages for my business.

8.Do you encountered any bad issues or problem while dealing with your supplier or customer? How do you deal with it?
Of course, every business will encounter different kind of problems whether it is serious or trivial. But the most important thing is our own mentality. When encountering problems (whether it is a manufacturer or a customer). We must all keep ourselves calm and optimistic, and give the professional attitude to solve problems. By this way, we can only handle everything well. This is also my secret of doing business.

9.Do you feel stress in this rebuild truck industry? And how do you handle it?
Absolutely!Stress is terrible when you have a lot of commitments such as houses, cars, etc. But we must all find ways to relieve the pressure. For myself, I like to exercise to relieve stress. When I was doing sports, it made me forget the troubles at work and I also had a healthier body to cope with more challenges.

10.What have you learned in overall from starting up your business until now?
I would say integrity between people. A career is not just for making money. If you really make yourself realistic and selfish in order to make money, I think that is not a businessman’s behavior. The credit I have given over the years, dealing with and sharing have made what I have now. I have attracted many like-minded business partners with this attitude. We have also reduced a lot of unnecessary friction in our business, which has made our business better and better.

11.Any comment to add-on for a conclusion?
Lastly, I would like to thank for the interview here, and I feel very happy to share about my rebuild/used trucks business. I am also grateful to my wife and family who have been with me all the way. In addition, I would also like to thank all employees of our company for their selfless dedication.